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Worth – February 22, 2021

Lauren Maillian on Diversity, Inclusion and Professional Parity. The CEO of digitalundivided sat down with Worth to discuss the achievements of female founders of color, while acknowledging that progress is still slow and many barriers remain.

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Business Insider – January 2021

Since 2018, Black and Latinx women have received only .64% of VC funding. “Our mission is to create a world where all women own their work, where women have wealth,” Lauren Maillian, the CEO of Digital Undivided, said. “It is only through our jobs, our careers, and our work, that is the path to wealth creation. Not just for women, for

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CNN Business – December 2020

“Businesses founded by women of color are in focus now, and specifically those founded by Black women because of the racial reckoning,” said Lauren Maillian, CEO of digitalundivided. “But we want and we need to make sure that they continue to gain great investment moving forward.” Bridging the funding gap is long overdue  The number of businesses owned by Black

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Cision / Hello Alice, September 29, 2020

Hello Alice Reignites “Business for All Campaign” Through Funding and Mentorship for Thousands of Small Business Owners” Mentors are offering their social media platforms and mentorship to ensure #BusinessForAll to a hurting main street America.

Mentors include Kristen Bell, Jean Case, Tami Erwin, Guy Fieri, Whitney Wolfe Herd, Jeff Hoffman, Lauren Maillian, Rebecca Minkoff, Phyllis Newhouse, Gwyneth Paltrow, Lisa Price, Zaw Thet, Wende Zomnir and more.

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Women In The Workplace: Race and Progress at Work

HerMoney Podcast Episode 221: Entrepreneurship and Pathways to Success with Lauren Maillian

How women entrepreneurs — particularly women of color — can thrive, and how we can all work together to succeed.

Lauren Maillian on Randi Zuckerberg Means Business, June 2020

Lauren Maillian, Interim CEO of digitalundivided and CEO of LMB Group, joins host Randi Zuckerbe on Randi Zuckerberg Means Business, SiriusXM 132.

"Lauren Maillian On "Quit Your Day Job" – AOL BUILD

Join the CEO of LMB Group, Lauren Maillian, as she discusses “Quit Your Day Job,” an immersive new series exploring the exciting world of entrepreneurship through the leadership of tech mogul Randi Zuckerberg, consumer products tycoon Ido Leffler, start-up advocate Sarah Prevette, and master marketer Maillian.