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We love the consumer. We are the consumer. We get marketing. We get branding. We are storytellers.

And, we understand how tricky it is in today’s digital marketing climate to create content amidst the noise that reaches people and makes an emotional connection that clicks. Telling a brand’s authentic story and making connections between the consumer and the client’s product or service is what we do best. We create marketing and branding strategies with our special sauce, while incubating the brand ethos and key messaging points of each partner into a genuine narrative that tells the most compelling and dynamic story through digital-first content creation. We create comprehensive and dynamic multi-platform strategies that weave together the stories that brands are trying to tell. We move nimbly and execute at the speed of culture to help brands — big and small — maintain relevance. Lauren’s thought leadership as a tech enthusiast, marketing maven, brand builder, business strategist, fashionista, mom, bestselling author, television personality and entrepreneur has influence that transcends traditional expectations and inspires when, and where, it matters most.

We love collaborating on projects and leveraging the unique aspects of each client’s initiative to keep brands top of mind through social fluency that drives deep emotional connections to the consumer. We bring campaigns to life through media engagements, speaking events, sponsored content, editorials, videos, commercials, and Lauren’s brand advocacy as a spokesperson.

For brand partnerships and collaborations, please contact Lauren's agent:

Strand Conover | WME