We are true
partners with well known brands.

In today’s digital marketing climate, it is challenging to create content amidst the noise and find the emotional link that clicks. Telling a brand’s authentic story and making connections between the consumer and the client’s product or service is Lauren’s strength. Her approach is to leverage the unique aspects of each client’s initiative so that their brands and products are at the top of the mind through social fluency that drives deep emotional relationships with the consumer.

Below are some of the brands Lauren has worked with:

We have proudly invested in and advised the following companies:

Whether you’re an established brand ready to drive innovation, looking for creative solutions to your marketing and communications issues, or need help with crisis management; a startup preparing for a pitch competition, investor meetings, company expansion, brand development, or in need of leadership advice; you’re a leader who just needs an expert as a sounding board on your personal brand, a resource to help you navigate the next stage of your career, or trying to architect your business vs your personal brand identity, we can help you. Lauren has encountered all of these scenarios, and the issues that come with them as an entrepreneur, investor, marketer and advisor.