The Path Redefined.

Success is what happens after you’ve survived all of your mistakes


blog2picSuccess is what happens after you’ve survived all of your mistakes — let that statement marinate for a minute.

In my book, The Path Redefined: Getting To the Top On Your Own Terms, I write extensively on failure and how I view the word and the process. In short, there is one very simple, easy to digest question that I ask myself before taking on any new responsibility or before embarking on a new venture — “is it worth it, even if, I fail?” I ask myself this question aloud, in my head, in my bed, at the gym, in a multitude of scenarios, and if I get a resounding, “YES!” then I know it’s well worth the risk and potential of failing.

But one experience of failure, does not a failure make. As so long as we learn valuable lessons in life and business, and we can devise a way to do better next time with the knowledge and deep understanding of that experience, then… Guess what? You haven’t failed at all. In fact, you’ve succeeded and you are now armed with those lessons and specific intel to make the next moments that resemble those times once labeled as a failure into a phenomenal success. It’s 2015 and there’s tons of opportunities to grow, to fail, to live, to learn, to rise and perhaps even fall, so many options that sometimes we can’t make firm decisions because we wonder if option B may have been the better choice. Don’t risk incredible opportunities simply because of the fear of being labeled a failure, or because of your trepidation of potentially going through the process of failing.  If you can’t recognize a good lesson to learn when you have the opportunity to experience it, you risk losing it all and fumbling just to have a semblance of what you once took for granted. Survive the temptation to take the easy way out, make this enough decisions and risk feeling what it is like to fail, it is indeed the only true way to find and earn success.