Why Are You Here?

  • Misc
  • January 13, 2016

blog3pic“Why are you here?” Let’s start there. Self-doubt will get you every time if you allow others to talk you out of your ambitions. Silence the negativity and noise. Believe in yourself. Invest in yourself and your ambitions. We do in fact have the ability to direct much of our future. We control our mindset, our mindset dictates the direction of our actions and in turn our intentions. Our mindset fosters negative or positive behavior. Mindset alone is so powerful. Our mindset is our little voice in our head that tells us that “yes, we can”, “yes, we are worthy”, “yes, we are here to make a difference.”  It affirms why we are here and motivates who we want to become.

The voice in our head is more often than not what stops us from moving forward, deters us from taking risks, scares us and makes us doubt ourselves. Know why you are here. Know why you are _____ (fill in as many blanks as you need to reaffirm your value in society).

Like the ‘little engine that could’, start telling yourself, “I think I can, I think I can.” Then, do — better, wiser, more thoughtful, intentional, positive things with your life. We can all do better than whatever it is we are doing right now. Just shift that mindset. Yep, we each have a superpower.  Individuality —  I am, who I am, and you couldn’t be me even if you tried to walk in my shoes. Nor should you want to, because you’ve got that special something too and heck… It’s your power! Go fly and show them Why You Are Here!