The Wall Street Journal, July 30, 2020

I want the conversation around supporting women of color as entrepreneurs and founders to become the mainstream conversation.

“For Black entrepreneurs, now is the moment to pursue the attention of investors and consumers, despite the turmoil from the pandemic, small business advisers say.

“If there was [ever] a time when there was a spotlight and at least heightened conversation around supporting and finding and exploring Black-owned businesses, this is that time,”  Lauren Maillian, chief executive of Digitalundivided, an incubator for Black and Latina women entrepreneurs, told an online audience Wednesday evening during The Wall Street Journal’s Race and Progress at Work forum. “Take advantage of it.”

In a wide-ranging conversation via videoconference, panelists explored the opportunities and challenges of the present moment for women of color as part of The Wall Street Journal’s Women in the Workplace series of summer events.”

– The Wall Street Journal