The Select 7, September 14-20, 2020

I want the conversation around supporting women of color as entrepreneurs and founders to become the mainstream conversation.

Featured 9.14-9.20.20 | Statuesque and stunning with a glow that’s as much about inner confidence and warm charisma as it is good genes. If you passed entrepreneur and author Lauren Maillian on the street, you’d be forgiven for wondering: Is she a model or something? The answer would be yes. Yes, she was. But the international modeling she did as a teen has since become little more than a footnote to an impressive career as a successful young business owner (who co-founded an award-winning winery before she was of legal drinking age), consumer brand strategist, venture capitalist and startup advisor. In her bestselling business book, The Path Redefined: Getting to the Top on Your Own Terms, we learn that this New Yorker’s earliest entrepreneurial roots were not in grapes but lemons.” – The Select 7