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Lauren Maillian is a change agent committed to diversity, innovation, equity, and inclusion. She’s an award-winning marketer, prolific investor, advisor, entrepreneur, and board member with a multi-hyphenate career spanning over 15 years. She advised and invested in over 40 startups and her portfolio represents over $5 billion in market capitalization.

Lauren is the CEO of digitalundivided, the leading nonprofit leveraging data, programs, and advocacy to catalyze economic growth for Black and Latinx women entrepreneurs and innovators. The mission is to create a greater world in which all women of color own their work and worth. The former Board Chair of digitalundivided, Lauren took the helm to evolve and grow the organization to further support women of color entrepreneurs, especially in the wake of the racial reckoning amidst the COVID-19 pandemic. Bilingual in Spanish, Lauren continues to expand the reach of the organization’s mission and programs across the United States and its territories. 


It is an honor to be recognized for our work and asked to share the journey. It is even more humbling to have the opportunity to share it with a new audience. Below are a few places that have so graciously featured Lauren, her experiences, thought leadership and work.

The Worthy100 – Worth November 2021

Lots of American children set up lemonade stands, but not many establish a payroll.

Starting from the summer when she was 8 years old, Lauren Maillian launched a lemonade stand at the corner of Madison Avenue and 96th Street in Manhattan, in front of Jerome Florists, a shop that is still there today. Quickly realizing that it was too hot to stand out in the sun, she convinced the mom-and-pop shop owners to “lease” her a space under their awning for $50 a week—which she could afford because she was regularly pulling in $300 a summer day in lemonade sales.

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Women & Worth – October 1, 2021

At Worth’s recent Women & Worth Summit, digitalundivided CEO Lauren Maillian spoke to entrepreneurs and fellows in digitalundivided’s Do You Fellowship Mandy Bowman, Beverly Malbranche and Lisette Scott about their experiences in areas such as funding, mentorship and building confidence as a founder.

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Ad Age – September 14, 2021

Hearst Magazines’ Cosmopolitan and nonprofit group Digitalundivided are today launching The New C-Suite, an annual program that recognizes women of color entrepreneurs. EleVen founder and seven-time Grand Slam singles champion—and October Cosmo cover star—Venus Williams was among the judges who helped whittle down the list of 12 women (at 10 companies) from hundreds of submissions.

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Fast Company – August 2021

As we recap the past year, we are seeing an undeniable surge in the creation of new businesses led by Black and Latinx women. This reflects the broader trend that pandemic-fueled entrepreneurship—and possibly even survivalist entrepreneurship—is on the rise.

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Harper’s Bazaar – July 2021

It takes a lot of effort to start a company from scratch. From coming up with an idea that is commercially viable to sourcing a team to marketing the product to consumers, a high degree of acumen and drive is required. The real test of endurance, however, is finding the money to get it all going. 

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BELatina – June 2021

When Lauren Maillian co-founded her first company, Sugarleaf Vineyards, she became the youngest winery owner in America, even before she was of legal drinking age.

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The Path Redefined

…will become an indispensable tool to maximize your full potential without compromising who you truly are. Success isn’t about climbing over colleagues or climbing the corporate ladder; it’s about the ability to rise to your full potential and tackle challenges with enthusiasm. In today’s career climate, you have to be innovative and ambitious and capitalize on your personal talents. The Path Redefined: Getting to the Top on Your Own Terms shows you how to achieve the highest levels of success and satisfaction in business and in life by tapping into the essence of what makes you unique. You can reach the pinnacle of your work and personal lives, faster and more independently than you ever imagined possible—on your own terms.

Quotes from my book

Lauren Maillian

Know where and how you add value. Make your value proposition clear.

Quotes from my book

Lauren Maillian

I think every person should be defining and attaining success on their own terms.

Quotes from my book

Lauren Maillian

Never underestimate your ability to persevere without a partner. Never look outside yourself for motivation.